Akselos and Engineering services provider, COSMI group, have signed a three years Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bring Akselos’ breakthrough Digital Twin technology to the Italian market.
The establishment of this joint collaboration is seen as the right step at the right moment towards providing much added value to the so-called “Real Time Asset Integrity Management”, becoming Asset Integrity 4.0.


The emerging technology is being used in offshore industries to reduce operating costs and support asset life extensions.

Coupled with sensors, the structural simulation technology gives asset operators a clear understanding of the condition of large and complex assets in near real-time and offers insights into the future condition to improve inspection, maintenance and repairs.


Data from a host of sources is augmented as an input to the highest-fidelity Structural Digital Twin models powered by Akselos, that deliver a complete, all-encompassing, accurate understanding of an asset in operation resulting in precise fatigue analyses whilst delivering residual life calculation closer to absolute values.

The Structural Digital Twin models are built using the most advanced, fastest and patented simulation workflows. Automated workflow input data is fed from sensors that measure the current condition of the asset as well as riskbased-inspections, fitness-for-service reports, risk-analyses and nondestructive-testing.

These automated workflows are designed to deliver a continuous monitoring technique that provides the most accurate status of an asset, ultimately leading to an optimisation of capital operating expenditure.


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