Offshore plants

Progepi offshore plants design service stems from a 20-year long experience in the industrial engineering field.

We take care of all steps in the design of offshore plants and structures: from preliminary design study, aimed at assessing possible hazards and needs, to structural design and planning, all the way through safety systems development, always in compliance with current regulations.

Operational in the Oil & Gas sector since 1999, Progepi is able to supply technical consultancy and assistance, with the aim of developing top performing offshore plants and structure that meet the market quality and reliability standards.

Depending on clients’s needs and environmental features

Depending on the Clients’ needs and environmental features of the hosting site, we engage in finding targeted solutions that enable optimal work flows, ensuring top resistance to possible stress conditions.

Offshore plants design has always been Progepi core business.

Moreover, we take care of the engineering, alterations and maintenance of offshore structures, from a standpoint of modernization of existing plants, which allows to minimize any hazard and impact on the environment.

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