Risk assessment and safety engineering

Progepi supplies its Consultancy services in the field of risk assessment for the development of Oil & Gas industrial plants. Risk assessment is a key factor in the design of efficient and compliant plants and structures in line with current standards.

Specialized in the so-called Safety Engineering, Progepi makes its vast experience available to the Client in order to achieve a thorough, complete and detailed analysis of risks.

Complex structures such as Oil & Gas and offshore plants require an in-depth analysis of possible problems that may arise during the construction, assembly or operational phase. Moreover, they must comply with specific regulations – valid both nationally and internationally – which delimit the degree of acceptable risk  that allow the plant to resist to stress conditions, reducing potential impacts on health and environment.

Equally important is Maintenance Engineering

Equally important is the so-called maintenance engineering aimed to analyze the risk and danger and, therefore, plan the needed interventions (eg. modifications, repairs, etc.). For the best performance of the risk assessment activity, specific evaluation tools are employed for each single type of plant and for each kind of environment that require particular prevention and protection strategies: from structural hazards to the impact on human health. Our risk assessment service includes different appraisal phases, preliminary (eg. feasibility studies, cost/benefit analysis), realization (eg. environmental impacts) and operational.

Our engineers are able to identify the risk and danger factors related to the plants, materials and technology. The purpose is minimizing such risks, by ensuring total conformity of the industrial plant to Italian and international regulations and through avant-guard tailored solutions.

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