Industrial engineering: from design to repairs

Progepi provides a wide range of industrial engineering services, starting from preliminary design of Oil & Gas plants, both onshore and offshore, and not least construction and workshop engineering aimed at the realization of both structures and plants in different sectors (chemical, petrochemical, environmental).

Well-established in the Italian and foreign market for over twenty years, Progepi offers highly specialized industrial engineering services, aimed at delivering effective targeted solutions for different sectors and needs (extraction of raw materials, refinery, distribution, etc.)

Design of offshore structures and platforms

The design of offshore structures and platforms ranges from carpentry to process plants and includes all the technical, executive, bureaucratic and testing phases, always in cooperation and constant care of the Customer.

Within the design study, Progepi boasts a long experience in structural calculations, stress analysis and numerical modelling of offshore structures.

Main operative areas are:

Multidisciplinary design in the Oil & Gas and chemical industry
Design of petrochemical plants
Design of offshore Oil & Gas structures and plants
Design of onshore Oil & Gas structures and plants

Since the early days

Building strong and respectful partner relationships has always been fundamental for Progepi, regardless of the geographical location of the Client. This is proven by the long lasting business relationships resulted from mutual satisfaction and reliability throughout many years of constant commitment.  Moreover, staying on top of the latest technology advancements within the industrial engineering, allows Progepi to operate in full respect of the environment, supplying efficient solutions in pace with the latest applicable safety requirements.

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