Site inspections, assistance and Quality

Progepi carries out site inspections and offers technical assistance in different fields: from quality to security, from risk assessment to inspections.

Our qualifications authorize our staff to perform site inspections (for both onshore and offshore structures). the aim is to identify any critical issue, gather data and improve the development of the engineering project.

Depending on the outcome, we plan checks and inspections during the construction of the plant, as well as during the first maintenance job. Our objective is to conform to the safety requirements set out by current regulations and international quality standards.

In particular, we take care of:

Quality Management

We believe Quality is a core factor for the long-term success of the company in such an increasingly competitive and selective business environment.

Progepi always operates with the highest respect for existing regulations, acknowledging the Quality Management System as a strategic tool for the enhancement of our services and satisfaction of our Clients.

Besides site surveys and inspections, our activities include:

  • Processing of project calculations and verification of steel and reinforced concrete structures.
  • Processing of technical reports for authorities (authorization process)
  • Design, installation and monitoring of emergency safety systems
  • Risk Analysis
  • Calculation for emergency depressurization on Oil & Gas plants
  • Engineering and assessment of fire-fighting systems
  • Assesment services for conformity to norms
  • PED assessment and technical books
  • ATEX assessment
  • Safety Assessment and Fatigue Life analysis of Aged Crane Structures

Contact us to request technical advice and plan a cycle of checks and / or site inspections!